I know I have been gone for long

My apologies fam I hope you’re strong

I pray all day and peek through the darkness of night

Just to find a way to keep you safe from fright

I have a weird way about it

But i’d rather work in silence than shout it

Paving the way like the baptists of old

Manipulating the era where we are no longer sold

You may feel in this age we’re selling out

And yes we are without a doubt

But think of it as the first inch or meter

So that when we do solely feature

We are not perceived as foreign creatures

A little doled out pity

To quench the thirst for diversity

A  token in the global guilt kitty

A far cry from serendipity

I look to these barriers and ceilings

Gathering courage to break through and bring healing

Setting aside hurt and injured feelings

So I can move on to dealing


Photo by vvadyab. Published on 21 June 2017
Stock photo – Image ID: 100546025

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


2 thoughts on “Dealing

  1. You’ve been missed ♥♥♥
    Life is satirical at times but any maverick woman can deal, with or without storms and still remain a strong woman. Xoxo


    1. Hun thanks so much boo I miss you and simpler times too. Your baby girl looks perfect. So proud of you :* . Sorry i go MIA sometimes ❤ . How are you guys doing ?


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