I hate it when I’m sick

I hate it when I’m sick

For one , sugar I can no longer lick

Without feeling it an imposition

Thus I’ve made a decision

To ignore my base urges

Because the emotion in me surges

Right to the forefront of my soul

I loose all common sense and self control

All I consider is need

If I need him, my call he shall heed

A man who left my life

An additional dagger filled with strife

Usually I’m okay

My pride does not let me stray

To thoughts of past in the present

To cuddling under the moon, so lovely and crescent

I’m currently out of control

I miss that bitter soul

I’m edging towards a call

Oh how easily I fall

But like I said, I’m sick

Avoiding him is not a choice i could pick

When I want to be snuggled through the pain

How I desire him to once more call out my name

To look at me with wide eyes

Though filled with no surprise

Knowing my every want and need

Setting aside any kind of greed

I imagine the worry in his eyes

Racing to me and cursing the skies

The shock when I embrace him without a word

Letting down my every guard

Despite how fearful or how hard

Serenaded into a serendipitous stupor

All entirely in my head, for in reality you are too far.

Photo by Chai25182518. Published on 22 August 2016
Stock photo – Image ID: 100456061

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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