I Love Him, I Love Him Not?

My paranoia ripped through the seams of my coat of confidence with the ease it would take to rip through a piece of tissue. I stood there shaking, hoping and praying, praying that this night would end. Not only was the night exasperating, the day had not been easy either. No, It is not that I wanted, instead I needed this day to be done.

An unwelcome arm clasped my waist abruptly. I attempted to pry the invading fingers off my body, but they multiplied by two and I was trapped.

“Get! Off! Me!”

I said each word through gritted teeth as I pushed his fingers all the way back.

“Ouch” he shouted as he bit his lower lip

My intention was to break the damn things but he looked so good when he bit his lip. I lost all concentration. I was too tired to start all this nonsense now.

I opened my mouth to protest but…

” AAAH! … WHAT …THE … ”

Before I could speak, all I could do was scream. It seems his middle and fore finger had taken up comfortable residence inside me  and had begun moving about. I loved what he did to me, I always melted in his touch. It was a thorough shame, however, seeing as I didn’t love him as much .


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