Beautiful Deception 1

One foot crossed over the other, her smooth and silky dress caressed her legs as she sat by the kitchen counter. The pink silk gown fell off her shoulders with the grace of dripping honey, it traced her curves perfectly.

A slit on the left side of her gown went all the way up her thigh and ambitiously reached almost all the way up to her waist. Her eyes closed ,she sipped the chilled wine blissfully. They had had lots of it the night before, she giggled softly to herself.

Her head jerked immediately she heard the knock at the door. A drop of wine danced on the corner of her purple lips where a subtle grin emerged. ‘ He’s here! ‘ Her bare feet landed on the floor sending a cold chill down her spine, coupled with her ever present anxiety, that sent goosebumps all over her skin. She glanced over at the food that she had kept warm for three hours while she had been waiting for him.

His blue eyes pierced right through her as soon as she opened the door and she was spellbound once more. Her poise and confidence melted away into nothingness as soon as he wrapped his arms around her. All that remained was a jittery, wide eyed girl. She looked up at him but he didn’t kiss her, much to her dismay.

“Well you look amazing, ” he said, regarding her carefully from head to toe. She had lit candles all over the room and dimmed the lights. He moved closer to her and almost all the air escaped her lungs. He leaned down, his lips barely grazing her earlobe but she was aware of every touch. ” We need to talk “, he said. She was immediately startled back to reality.

“Please sit down”, he said leading her over to the sofa. Instantaneously tears began to flood her ♥ heart. ‘ People only tell you to sit down when they want you to brace yourself for bad news ‘, she thought.

” I’ll just rip it off like a band aid, I’m sorry but I have a girlfriend and I’m going back to her.  I care about you but we just met and I love her and owe her that. ”

Her heart sunk and she just stared into nothingness…


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