I mess up lots of things,
I’m a human in the thick of things,
Of unusual reactions,
And more than fatal attractions.

I am evil,
I tend to cause upheaval,
A result of my craving,
A trouble with no saving.

I need to reign it in,
This frightful thirst for sin,
Yet still I seek absolution,
An absolute solution.

I have no patience for emotion,
I find it strange, the very notion,
I am restless for the end result,
I have been through enough who put up a front,
I require,
Satisfied desire ,
But I fear having to acquire.

Were I unable to feel,
Maybe some things would seem less surreal,
Hopefully, I would be spared the emotion,
But unfortunately, not the commotion.

Give me peace of mind,
Then maybe someday I will find,
A way to handle and deal,
Then someday, in some way,
I’ll feel more real.


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