I May Just Be Causing Commotion

Imagine a man who is under the notion,
That he can only offer you emotion,
And in order to win your devotion,
He’d have to concoct a love potion,

Or an elaborate scheme,
That easily tears at the seams,

Though said potion does comprise,
Of him complimenting your eyes,
Of him looking to you like he looks to the skies,

For solace and hope,
For a way to cope,

All in all it is hard to handle,
Like burning both sides of a candle,

You feel the doom,
Anticipate the gloom,

The rejection,
Of his sworn affection,

But what if you cave,
And his heart you save,

Choices and voices in your head,
That haunt you to your bed,

I may just be causing commotion,
But just consider the notion.


Any Thoughts? Put them down here :)

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