Hidden Truth

He used to wash his hands before he approached  her. So delicately and  meticulously, he would take his time to inspect the gift given to him so generously.

Thorough and tender attention was paid unrelentingly until he had crossed her threshold. Even then he did not waver. Like a game of hide and seek it was, and he never once lost. By the end all that was left of them was entanglement, warmth,  peace and love.

Today his reception is cold. He visits her threshold with less eagerness and tenacity. He doesn’t wash his hands anymore. He is inattentive and barely grazes her threshold.

There is no warmth, the fire seems to be flickering and his eyes are vacant. She tries desperately but is met with sturdy resilience.

It is time to leave. She had always known that this time would arrive. Perfection is fleeting and she had come to terms with it.  She was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though prepared,  she could not help but tear up.

The feeling of a warm finger ,pressed against the cold trail that the tear had left on her cheek, startles her. She opens her eyes and they meet his. A concerned look has engulfed his visage. “What’s wrong baby,  why are you crying  😥  in your sleep?”

She does not have the ♥ heart to tell him of her dream. It would highlight her insecurities and hurt him. She grabs his arms ,wraps them around her and whispers. “It was just a bad dream baby, I’m OK. Let’s go back to sleep”. He tries to talk to her but she drifts off to sleep before he can say anything.

He watches her sleep for a minute then when he is sure that she cannot hear he says,  “I’m going to marry you someday”, kisses her and drifts off as well.


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