Obsession With Her- Dave’s


He was probably a decade older than she was. Her name, however, always managed to surface to the forefront of his mind and on his lips. The air of grace, beauty, poise and authority , with a hint of danger around her engulfed him rather than intimidated him as it did others.

She insisted that they were friends but he had a strong feeling that she had him on retainer as her permanent ‘back-up husband’ of sorts.

Contrary to popular opinion, he welcomed the position, for his plan was to patiently lay in wait. He had faith that these young chaps would never be able to handle, hold her down and take care of her.

When  she needed stability, he was confident that she would fall, he would catch her and never loosen his grip.

He saw beyond the other men, she was young and he was willing to give her time to explore. This would ensure that when he could finally possess her, she would be all his.

The presence of other men in her life that were similarly obsessed with her did not phase him. He had tried everything from being forthcoming with his wealth to being at her every beck and call. He was well off. Well off enough to take care of her and their kids. “Our Kids”,  He whispered to himself while relishing in the thought.  The very idea of creating beings that were a half of him and that lovely creature that they would call ‘Mom’, made him melt inside.

Flashbacks of her scent and her smile haunted his dreams. Making love to her would render him incoherent. It had happened once. She said never again. But he was hooked. Sometimes he fell into daydreams where his hands were allowed to cup, grasp and trace his fingers along every inch of her curves. Her beautiful hour glass figure etched permanently like a stone carving in the most sensuous corners of his mind.

He could only imagine. As per now, though, he first had to find a way of getting her there. She had a man now and this heightened his need for her.  It seemed like he had a sick fetish where he needed her more aggressively when she was unavailable. When she was unattached, however,  he had no idea why he played coy with her.

He’d learned his lesson. She almost got married the last time he dilly- dallied . This time he had assumed the appropriate position, Like a leopard about to bolt towards it’s prey. Quickly and swiftly, he would take her and watch while everyone else kicked themselves as they rode off into the sunset.

But would she have him? Would she?  She had to.

His obsession had engulfed him like a disease.


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