The Beauty In Dealing

I know I can dress better but I don’t try. I mostly don’t understand the point or why?

Have you ever thought you were done. Done with all the drama and what most considered fun? Where they see fun, you see none.

Have you ever seen a child in your future with the person that you adore? Did you ever desire a half of you and him/her and that was all that you needed, no more?

When all that crumbles to dust, you know it is a must. A must for you to gather the dust. Move on and assume it was just. That the lack of all you dreamed so much, ended just because of a just.

A doubt and confusion, that developed into a conclusion. The surreal lives up to not being real.

The painful feeling turns into healing. The beauty in dealing is realising that your dreams reach further than the ceiling.


Any Thoughts? Put them down here :)

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