Hidden In Plain Sight

Unsure of her next step. She decided… If you can’t beat them…join them. She submersed herself into their world. She watched them in action, all this while shocked. Did such a world exist right under her nose?

The world of social climbers and gold diggers opened up to her. These girls were vicious, ferocious and driven. They would place themselves in strategic positions and read signals from men that she never knew existed.

The funny thing was that they frequented the higher end clubs and hotels as well as restaurants that she had visited countless times, oblivious of all this before. However, there were unwritten secret codes that went into interacting with these ‘monied’ men.

Turns out, what she thought was reserved for the movies happened right there in Nairobi. Some men actually look at you, without looking like they are looking at you.

She knew it sounded stupidly obvious, but this was different. Guys who looked like they were minding their own business (to her), could actually have sent out a 2 second glance at a couple of girls. It took skill to notice it. Dana (one of the expert girls) called it ‘the eye flick’.

They would respond with a slight grin that seemed not to be directed at ‘the target’ until the guy got the message to come on over.

See, stupidly, she thought that it was just a guy trying his luck when actually he had been prompted to come over. Before she met Dana, she would play aloof in such situations. She realised later that these ‘ballers’ were either shy or overly cautious. Most needed a subtle nudge in the right direction.

She was taught that you needed to spend in order to get.

Do you agree?


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