This May Just Sound Crazy

When I was younger, I used to be more dramatic. I still am at heart, though nowadays it’s coated in pretences such as being a grown up and acting my age lol. 😦

One thing that remained my constant source of comfort was … (drumroll please) ‘The Rain’. I wonder what that says about me. I simply always found it cold and comforting.

When I could no longer deal with the noise and the drama on the inside, I would pray that it would rain. In fact, I made a whole ceremony out of it.

Step 1 : Put on a shower cap to protect my hair.

Step 2 : Put on my oversize skirt and top that are of little value to me whether wet or not. (Good for ventilation as well 😉 )

Step 3 : Put on some music according to my mood. (Sam smith hits the ’emotional turmoil sweet spot’)

Step 4 : Go out into the balcony, sit down and let the rain wash everything away.

The rain washing over me kind of cleared my head.


It gave me the illusion of a new slate. No, I am not a crazy church fanatic (Incase you were wondering). Yes, I do love and believe in my religion. However, someone would consider me a little witchy.

I know it sounds a little fishy, the whole idea of making a big deal about going to sit and talk to yourself in the rain as you pace or rock back and forth. Yes, I am a little nuts. Normal doesn’t add spice to the world, does it? You realise the bad makes you appreciate that the good is a rare blessing and not an expectation.

I am definitely not recommending this for anyone (mainly because of the possibility of catching a cold). I figured out though that everyone has their element of comfort. Scientifically, mine is called ‘Hydrotherapy’. Grey weather is apparently the best kind for me but the occasional sunshine doesn’t hurt.

I think I’m a bit biased because it is ‘snuggle weather’. Few ladies will deny the love of a good snuggle or cuddle. It’s always quite comforting to feel safe and at ease, protected and wanted.

I’d like to know. What’s your therapy?


Any Thoughts? Put them down here :)

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