Cold Coated Heart

Sometimes I’m not quite sure what to write. I falter and doubt myself, my words and my worth. Everyone has these moments. Not just writers.

Ever felt like things in your life have come to the equivalent of a standstill or may be crumbling? Some people panick, some cry and resign into depression. I, on the other hand, develop a sense of indifference and selective amnesia. I begin to deflect all emotion and memories of it. My friends call this the surfacing of the ‘Cold B***h’ within lol.

I hardly mind it because it takes a certain amount of pain, empathy and weight of others responsibilities being saddled on you too early before you crack.

I took a test the other day and it told me that I’m a telepath…and chickens have fangs :D. Now before you join in on the ridicule, they ended up being somewhat spot on when it came to the explanation.

They told me that:

You are empathetic towards people. Meaning you have a very close understanding of their emotional state and even take it as your own.

I realised that the ‘Cold B***h’ within is actually a defense mechanism for the empathy within. Feeling too much in this world is a tad bit dangerous for your heart. As a result I trained mine and barricaded it with a brick wall. I’d rather that than dealing with the world constantly trying to play on or manipulate my empathy.

This is a little glimpse into a cold coated heart.


Any Thoughts? Put them down here :)

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