Ever felt like there are ‘choosers’ and ‘choosees’. I do. Every time I would think, “I’m so lucky she chose me”, it wouldn’t take long before she left me out in the lurch wondering what the ‘**bleep**’  happened.

Most of the time it was a bigger, richer, taller, more prominent guy in the picture. You know what I’m saying ladies, there’s a secret list like a little black book that surpasses the generic ‘tall dark and handsome’ list. Most of you have one.

I should have learned by the last time, but could you blame me ladies. I had always been a lover and not a schemer. However, someone once told me there’s a really thin line between the two. This I discovered soon enough.

Daisy, that was her name. I consider her my defining factor. Ask any good boy gone bad, they always have a ‘Daisy’ in their back pocket and will always remember her.

She was (just like her name) dainty, beautiful and too innocent looking to consider plucking. She was my hope. In my mind, I always thought that if she wasn’t the one, then which other woman could possibly be.

We would go out and men would fall at her feet but ‘My Daisy’ only had eyes for me. Never did I consider a day that I wouldn’t be enough for her. I woke up one morning and that innocent smile had turned into a curious one, old supportive friends turned into new rowdy ones.

Late night after late night resulted in me calling her mother like you would customer service, disgruntled. She would constantly assure me that I was too good a guy to worry about her leaving. “She just needs to get it out of her system”, she would say.

What I didn’t realise was that it wasn’t leaving her system anytime soon.

A month later she walked into the house at midnight (earlier than usual lately) and packed her things into a ominous looking Land Rover parked outside our small shared apartment. Her mother did not hear from her. Like the rest of us, we resorted to following her array of pictures taken abroad. The man funding her trips, never in the picture.

So guess what happened to ‘Ethan’ after she left. Like I said … a very thin line exists between love and scheming. Daisy’s mum and I resorted to comforting each other. She had always been a single mum but you couldn’t tell. She looked like a well seasoned and we’ll statured version of Daisy. Who would have thought that I would end up with Daisy’s mum? Sounds like a bad version of the song ‘Stacey’s Mum’ I know.

The icing on the cake was that we started a business together. It took a while but it did extremely well. Let’s just say that after a year, we were able to afford two of those Land Rovers. Shortly after, we decided to get married.

What a blast from the past it was when Daisy came home before the wedding. I know, cliché right? But listen, here is where it gets juicy. Turns out her philanthropic host was actually her married sugar daddy. Hence the reason he was never in the pictures. Making sense now ey?

Sugar daddy’s wife found out about Daisy and literaly tried to kill her. Pummelled the poor girl to a pulp. (Me trying not to laugh sadistically). When she was done, she sued her husband and tried to strip him of everything.

Now take note of what she had on her side:

1. Lack of a pre-nup.
2. Two kids.
3. The fire in her belly of a woman scorned.

NB: If this were football, the score would be ’10-Nil’ right there.

In the end he had no otherwise but to send Daisy home with nothing. From what I heard he went back to his wife grovelling for the ‘little’ that he had.
Daisy on the other hand had to come home and watch the poor ex boyfriend she jilted turn into her rich step-father.

Sad and sadistic, but I’m being realistic. Despite your feelings, I got my healing.

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Photo by quyenlan. Published on 03 April 2009
On  freedigitalphotos.net – Image ID: 1005544


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