The Real We

I wonder sometimes if change is a good thing. Does it mean that aspects of myself have to be suppressed in the bid to change. Do I have to stop being or stop doing the things that set me aside as being individually me. You look around and see as if some feel threatened by your desire to walk tall as yourself. How do you handle that?

If it becomes a requirement that you need to loose what makes you feel like you have your own identity. Your blonde hair or your dreads for a job, your love to sing or create art for a marriage, your religion for another for the sake of love, who you really love for who people have chosen for you because it seems more logical.

Are these compromises or sacrifices in their eyes? Do they realise that to you it’s the very essence of peeling off your skin? You are requested and at times reprimanded, told to grow up and leave childish ways behind. Is it really being childish to have an attachment to who you have discovered you actually are. Suppression is the name and life is the game.

Oh how I wish there was an escape for all of us but I remain thankful that there is for some of us. So I relish in the fact that some of us made it. Some of us are able to be free from all the bonds keeping us from being ‘The Real We’.

Obligation is the sensation that holds us tight to contracts we think we have made with the world. Each time someone reminds you (you who have been raising people twice your age) that you are indeed young, doesn’t it come as shock.Doesn’t it sometimes come off as an insult. You forget the world’s perception of you and resign yourself to being an old soul. “Once they know me they will understand, you tell yourself” as if craving for them to understand that your age has always just been a number. It feels tedious doesn’t it?

When you explain your affiliations and they constantly get shot down. Eventually you get to a point where you believe that you are incapable of such feats of greatness. They tell you that you have delusions of grandeur and are bound to be disappointed and wasted in your pursuit for more. We only get one life and we only get one end, why not just live and be ‘The Real We’.


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