Alter Ego 2 – Continued


Being the kind of woman yet to be fully sated in every aspect, she would close herself off from the world, especially when that side of her tried to break free where and when it shouldn’t. Only when she was sure that she had connected with someone who could understand the full dimensions of her demented other self, would she allow it out into the world.

The air would smell like a burning live wire, at times salty and humid (in her perspective). However, one thing was always constant, once it was out there, there was no controlling the fire and brimstone that hailed down with it. The live wire she thought she could smell burning seemed to be dancing in her eyes with sparks like no other. When she finally got her counterpart in crime, she was wholly different from her aloof day time personality.

She already struck people as dangerous with the potential for violence and an intimidating stare. Imagine her relinquishing all self control, voracious, carnal and raw. She always knew she had the potential to scare a man in such a setting and would take charge minimally on a normal occasion. She however craved the challenge of submission to someone who could take enough charge to unleash her, but unleash her in stages;

  1. Call her bluff as she takes charge (which she does half halfheartedly), but respectfully let her do so for a bit.
  2. Then, badger her into obedient submission
  3. Finally, push her to the brink (when she trusts enough) and take up total domination without any prior inhibitions getting in the way.

She sometimes thought she was bi-polar. Who wants to submit and dominate all in one sitting, in fact recurrently?The idea of this, she had realised, scared most and confused a majority. It was rare but she had found it once. Though fleeting, it was etched in her mind just like the tattoo that he had on his arm. She knew there was no future there, she would probably never see him again, but she knew now that she wasn’t crazy and that there were a hidden select few who could understand her insatiability. A gentleman in every sense, but the kind of beast she needed in their hours of solitude.Someone who, when it came down to it, handled her like he wanted to tear through the very fabric of her skin. One who could take her breathe away from her and dangle it before her tauntingly. One who could do all this not to be demeaning or hurtful but because he revered every aspect of her, respected and appreciated her rawness and needed to savor it all.

The tattooed gentleman had her grasp on her alter ego growing firmer and firmer till she began to consider letting it take over completely. For just in one meeting, he seemed like if he had stayed, he would have been ‘bad medicine’ for her. The kind that makes you feel sick to your stomach but you still want more for that particular reason, because when the you stop feeling sick you start to crave the bad feeling that you have become accustomed to. Dysfunctional human nature at it’s best. Flashes and flashes upon flash backs bludgeoned her mind as always. His hands on her neck and chest in a tight grasp draining her of air, his heavy breath in her ear whispering his darkest desire, his lips softly kissing her as if to create a paradox and his hands slowly progressing to clawing at her skin in steady response to her doing the same to him. A need that engulfed them both like an inferno and the ability (surprisingly) To Stop…… …..



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