Life’s Like A Bowl Of Soup – It’s Your Choice

She sat down with her earphones on, this song booming in her ear. ‘Why?’ She wondered as she took in a deep breath. Why couldn’t all women take a stand and say.

I don’t want to fall in love if you don’t want to try.

It would save us a lot of trouble. She had just got off the bus. She got off early because she needed to breathe. Everywhere she went all she could hear people fixated on were stories and instances of failed relationships and marriages. On the radio all the way to work, at work by her desk and worst of all that was the height of bathroom talk. Today she couldn’t take it. Instead of going to work, she called in sick and stopped by the park . It overlooked a peaceful cliff and being a work day it was virtually empty.

When was the last time that the world wasn’t yammering away disgruntled about everything. When was the last time she could peel herself away from being constantly subjected to the petty issues she could clearly see through and that we all knew were of our own making.

‘Nothing is assured and everything is a risk. Question is, is it a risk worth taking’

This had always been her motto. Regrets or no regrets she always believed she came out having learnt a thing or two. Sometimes she would find out what she didn’t want and other times she would realize what she wanted next before realising that she hadn’t thought about what she actually needed and coming to terms with her true worth, which translated into her discovering what she actually deserved. We live and we learn.

Why couldn’t people understand that and quit the constant incessant yammering. She could sympathise at some point but she had reached a point where she saw the outcome before it ended and was exasperated with feigning the fact that she did not know.

However, she knew that if such pain, such love, such loss did not exist then what kind of life would we be living. You have to be up to understand what it means to come back down and vice-versa. Life had the potential to be the equivalent of a bland bowl of soup, boring and monotonous.

That’s why spices exist. Add chilli and there’s a reason to have some more, even crave more. Granted some people add too much and can no longer stomach their soup. All in all it’s your soup. It’s your choice.


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