Addiction To ‘Him’

There he is clear and crisp, still as a whisper, resting peacefully in the corner you placed him in the night before. Calling out to you for a little more, just as he did the night before. You grab him and the cold chill of his exterior makes you want more. You place him back down because you’ve looked at the clock and it’s time for work. You have your coffee and grab your breakfast to go but can’t resist giving him mouth to mouth…one, two, three times more and then somehow the day seems brighter and better. Your chanting and humming all the way to work.

It doesn’t take long before the craziness of the day wears you out. You wish you were at home cuddled next to his cold exterior. So after the slow descent from your morning elation rules the remaining half of your day, you plan to meet up with him on the way home. A little silent moment with him in the basement of the mall parking lot and you are happy again, humming and jumpy with delight. You get on the bus and look at everyone suspiciously like they know what you have been doing. You get to the house and he’s there again, you try to resist him because at this point you are sure he is draining you and the relationship is completely unhealthy.

You sit down, pop a movie in the DVD and settle down to your supper (which you warmed ‘tediously’ having bought some fast food on the way home). Soon enough you are idle and empty and he’s calling out to you. You stretch out your hand, grasp him tight knowing fully well that this vicious circle won’t end well (or worse still may never end). Either way you close your eyes and throw care to wind as you take another sip.


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