I walked up to my boss, clenched fist and condescending look behind my thick lens glasses. I immediately realised that the look on my face was older than my actual age. I had reached my limit and he was going to either hear out the piece of my mind that I had been carefully preparing and set aside just for him or ….. (I had no idea what the or meant but I knew it didn’t end well for me but I didn’t care) I handled all the money his fat self stole and still yesterday he had the audacity to humiliate me and make me shine his shoes like I was a common cobbler and not a prestigious Business School Graduate.

As a man I found my ego struggling and a certain evil vegetating within me despite being the most amicable of people. Problem was I couldn’t sleep, the thought of my proud father seeing his son who rebelled from the family business on his knees shining a fat cats shoes when he could buy the idiot and his whole company with one final swoop tormented me. My pride, my ego and my manhood felt diminished in ways I couldn’t explain, all I was sure of was the rage I felt. However, I had made my bed and I had to lie in it. However, kneeling seemed like too much of a compromise for rebellion or emancipation. “What is it Ronnie boy? Speak! I don’t have all day chap!” He barked. Round and shiny like a pregnant toad he seemed like he was about to explode out of his suit. I had him by the throat in a second and shoved him to the ground, slapping his face left and right while he was on his knees. Finally when I was satisfied he had screamed enough I shoved his face into my shoe so he couldn’t speak and made him eat it. Next thing I knew, office security was on me like white in rice and the largest one slapped the back my head in with his enormous open palm. Strangely enough he kept calling my name…’Ronin! Ronin! Ronin! Hey Ronin! Snap out of it! You have an email’

“What?” I turned to see my workmate Steve whom I shared an office with pointing at my computer. I had zoned out again. I wasn’t unusual and Steve had got used to it by now. I turned to my computer and saw an new outlook email notification. I opened it.

Good Morning Mr Ronin,

We found your interview session with us quite refreshing especially your new take on the interview subject matter. We would like you to start off as our new manager on Monday next week.

Kind Regards,……………….

I saw nothing else after ‘Kind Regards’. I felt like a murderous weight had been lifted. I stood up and calmly walked out of the building. Seeing no one, hearing no one, answering no one because now I felt like a restored someone.


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