My Truth – I No Longer Feel My Youth

Why does love change you so much?
Why are you elated quite as such?

Why is it that when you have none?
You feel inadequate without someone?

Even though the love you had was toxic,
The moments you had erotic,

You are grateful it disappeared,
Though you still wish to be revered.

Why do you still yearn for more?
Why is your heart so sore?

Why can’t you function without touch?
Why can’t you sit alone and hush?

Why is it hard to be alone?
Why is it difficult being unknown?

Do you feel like a piece of meat,
As you’re walking down the street?

Unable to share emotion,
Filled to the brim with devotion,

Devotion you can no longer share,
Why do you over analyze every stare?

Like they are looking right inside you,
Praying there was someone to hide you,

Is it needy?
Is it greedy?

Are you too dependent?
Do you feel irrelevant?

All this is my truth,
And if you agree,
You are like me,
For I no longer feel my youth.


Any Thoughts? Put them down here :)

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