Alter Ego

She grinned with a glint in her eye that seemed to dance menacingly. Could a woman be this insatiable, this evil. She stared at herself and was worried that the woman looking back at her had something less than reputable in store or had she already done it.

Occasionally, she would wake up with little recollection of what she had been up to the night before. Sometimes with a few tiny cuts and bruises. They didn’t hurt and healed even faster than she noticed them. Flashbacks would haunt her the next day. Bits and pieces of scenarios that she was sure happened along with other hazy memories.They burnt like a fire in her skull and surprisingly, she loved them.

A glimpse of someone clawing at her skin and vice-versa would leave her flustered as she sat by her office desk. She would occasionally get so engrossed in these thoughts that she would end up breathless and worried as she looked left and right in the hope that none of her co-workers could tell.However no one would ever be able to tell. They assumed her to be one of the most responsible and grounded women.

She kept this to herself and went about her day as one person but her night was always ruled by her alter ego…….

(to be continued)


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