Why I Went Sky Diving

I wanted a new start, a fresh and clean slate. So i jumped. I jumped of the plane, just to feel free. Maybe to have a few minutes where i could observe the world as a trivial third party to me instead of vice-versa. Where i could sniff, think and listen without interruption. It was just a few minutes but in that instance I felt aware of my whole being. Like I could feel each and every vein and remembered what it actually took to keep me alive as well as appreciate every inch of myself.

I took a moment to let that feeling, that rush, wash over me. Breathing in deep like i was reclaiming my body, my ambition, my dreams, my life.In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we end up looking at ourselves like we exist as third parties to our own being. No longer recognizing yourself in the mirror, like someone else is standing in your place.


We work like a dung beetle struggling with loads and not looking up from them when what you don’t realize is that aside from that single load you are fixated on there is a whole other world around you . So I jumped. Would you?


One thought on “Why I Went Sky Diving

  1. Well, it’s the rush that I would go for but it’s the addiction of the thrill that scares me the most. Every step has a real repercussion in my life and this makes so much sense, I would jump off that plane over and over. I believe that you realize a lot of people will find this encouraging.

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