Hazel Eyes

If there was a time she needed to walk out, it was now. But how?ID-10085440

Her legs were weak. Her throat dry and as she touched her cracking lips, she realised her hands were clamy. ‘Oh thank God!’ She thought. ‘Temporary relief from this inferno’ , but was it really? She licked her lips, not to suggest anything but the message was clear.

He edged closer. All this while he had been standing two inches from her, his hazel eyes piercing, his chiseled jaw magnificent.

He’d just burdened her with a yes or no question and her body had just responded on her behalf. ‘No!’ She whispered unconvincingly as he latched on to her like he was an unfinished puzzle and she was the last piece.

“Hey! Hey! Are you ok..?” Fingers were snapping in her face, why in the he’ll were fingers…..’No way! Who the…?’


She turned to find hazel eyes and a chiseled face waking her up from her usual trance.

“It’s time to board”.

She just stared.